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Cosmetic microneedling, performed using a roller (derma roller) equipped with 0,3 mm needles, is a treatment that the patient performs by herself at home. It can be repeated up to 2 times a week, and it is very useful to improve the penetrability of the skin barrier and therefore favor the absorption of the active ingredients of the specific applied creams that do not meet the obstacle of the stratum corneum.

Cosmetic needling does not damage the underlying skin layers and does not cause pain. Besides being able to improve skin thickness and tone in 10-12 weeks of home use, it is very useful to reinforce and complete the effects of deep needling treatment performed in the cabin.
For cosmetic needling, it will be followed by the application of RIGENERA products, specially formulated for this type of treatment, which will not attack the skin as they are suitable to be applied to damaged skin as they do not contain silicones, parabens, petrolatum, PPG, PeG and glycerine.

The entire RIGENERA range is produced in Italy by the best laboratories and packaged in an air less pack that guarantees the maintenance of quality and above all the effectiveness of the active ingredients selected for the formulation of the products.