THE HOUSE OF OUD is the result of a collaboration between an Italian Master Perfumer and an Oud Producer from Jakarta: a story of friendship between two enthusiasts that generates olfactory preciousness. THE HOUSE OF OUD perfumes represent the common passion of the founders for the world of art, perfumes and travel.

In the scrupulous search for the realization of the fragrances there is the desire to pay tribute to the generosity of nature and the industriousness of the men who make the production of Oud a true art. Through this double tribute, THE HOUSE OF OUD signs unique products that touch the strings of the heart and illuminate the wearer.


The sun. The earth. The breath of life. The breath of the wind. In the endless horizons of the desert, where the eye caresses the curves of the dunes and gets lost among the thousand shades of sand and sky, there is a world that is not close to being observed. Lost in contemplating the enchanted beauty of the spaces, we forget what immediately surrounds us, which is right next to us. The DESERT DAY Collection is a snapshot of the detail, set as it is in the magnificence of the desert landscape. Through the four fragrances that make up the Collection, THE HOUSE OF OUD photographs the beauty of the land and the magic of time in the desert: in the arc of 24 hours, an olfactory and aesthetic narrative of the most elusive place in the world through its most precious details .


What is the color of wonder? The smell of imagination? The noise of perfection? Within the boundaries of the incomprehensible, where beauty escapes the mind's attempt to catalog it within its patterns, there is an enchanted world made of sensations that touch the sky. A parallel universe, as vivid as that of dreams, as distant as that of thoughts, in which grace blossoms into a thousand forms and makes fun of the word that cannot describe it. It is the magic of an Arab, geometric and paradisiacal garden, which invites to a walk suspended between reality and fantasy, surrounded by light, joy, love.

KLEM GARDEN opens the doors of this timeless garden in which the ancient tradition of mixing precious essential oils is combined with the perfection of forms. Right here creativity draws from the wonder of nature and goes beyond the boundaries of knowledge to recreate unique and precious visual and olfactory sensations, following the seasons. Even the stones are no longer such: they are canvas on which to paint the colors of the flowers and reproduce the soul of the fruits. Along the clear boundary of the sky, the oneiric side dissolves with reality and gives life to a new painting, where colors and scents seem to speak. Thus describing, better than words, the beauty of life