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Santi Burbas Palindrome III is a citrus scent. An overflowing and layered composition inspired by osmanthus, a real joy for the senses. Osmanthus is a small flowering tree of Chinese origin that blooms explosively and its small yellow flowers fill the air with a delicate but opulent floral and fruity aroma reminiscent of apricots. Palindrome III uses a unique combination of two completely different osmanthus absolutes that offer a contrasting interaction between joyful and colored fruity accents and darker, richer and more animalic and leathery notes. This olfactory game oscillates back and forth between light and darkness, lighting up with glittering mandarin, Jamaican rum and davana, before plunging into the shadow of a labdan overdose, with notes of absolute poplar and extra-pure patchouli. A surprising touch of black olive adds an obsessive element to the composition, completed by the elegant essence of Bulgarian rose.


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