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With Bass Solo by Vagabond Prince, the Betrand Duchaufour nose has created an aromatic tribute to wenge wood, also known as "African Rosewood", a heavy and hard wood, used in the production of musical instruments that require particular characteristics for greater resonance and depth . This African wood is also precious for its beautiful dark brown color and the so-called "partridge wood" with black streaks. The Wenge has no distinctive aroma, but it is perfect for the music and beautiful to guaerdare, it has inspired the perfume to extract deep and vibrant hidden chords. Bass Solo offers an aroma that is found in the lower register; Its dense melody is composed of a selection of wood notes, including soft sandalwood, salt firewood and a blend of cedar with their comfortable and dry shades. Smoky tar and velvety peach cross the veins of the wood. A light and floral cardamom, beautiful in itself, blends with the warmth of wood and becomes soft as a caress. Lavender - the highest note - represents the cold metal of strings and hardware and brings together spices and woods. Bertrand is very selective in the choice of lavender and has proudly announced that the Bass Solo lavender does not simply behave like an aroma, but sings! Bass Solo is an airy composition. Its structure is spacious, while the individual notes blend harmoniously into chords. Nothing is secondary, all the facets are important and weighed with a careful measure: once played, the composition is long and very tender, dispersed in depth resinous and juicy and returns again in fragrant crested waves. Bass Solo is housed in an elegant bottle and closed with a wooden stopper; Black is used here to represent darkness when our eyes are closed and we simply focus on listening to music.

HEAD NOTES: Saffron, Ginger, Lime and Cardamom
HEART NOTES: Lavender, Moroccan Cedar, Virginia Cedar, Fig Leaf and Birch
BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, Amber, Marine Wood, Animal Musk and Opoponax.


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