Rigenera 07 is a dry cream with high absorbency, moisturizing, anti free radicals and cicarizzante and able to counteract skin impurities. Excellent product for use on injured skin.

Without silicones, parabens and mineral oils.

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Face cream based on Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Bisabolol extracts, suitable for particularly irritable skin and in atopic individuals. Particularly creamy and easy to distribute, used regularly it is able to counteract the formation of skin impurities.

It is suitable for:
Oily, acne, sensitive and couperosic skin;
Dilated pores;
Skin spots.

List of ingredients

Acqua: we are composed of 70% water so water is the most important element for our body and therefore indispensable for a healthy and hydrated appearance of our skin

Butyrospermum parkii: (shea butter) is a yellow, semi-solid fat of plant origin at room temperature which derives from the Butyrospermum parkii tree belonging to the Saponataceae family. From the seeds it is possible to extract butter, a substance chemically composed of a high fraction of triglycerides (stearic 37%, oleic 49%), responsible for the emollient, moisturizing and regenerating properties of the skin barrier. Thanks to the presence of a high share of unsaponifiable fraction, rich in terpene alcohols (karitene) and in lesser quantities of phytosterols, it is a precious natural anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ingredient for the face and body, capable of giving the skin compactness and elasticity. Shea butter also contains tocopherols (vitamin E), which act as natural antioxidants.

Glyceryl Stearate: is an emulsifier - surfactant - emollient which disperses in water and is soluble in alcohol and oils. It is considered safe for cosmetic use and non-toxic if ingested (it is also approved by the food industry). It does not cause irritation on the skin. It is biodegradable. It can have animal, vegetable or synthetic origin. It is found in the form of a waxy-looking solid and white color

Cetearyl Alcohol: like all solid fatty alcohols, it is mainly used as a consistency factor in cosmetic formulations, both in A / O and O / A emulsions, where it gives viscosity to the product without weighing it down and improves its smoothness and spreadability on the skin.

Escin beta-sitosterol:it is a mixture of escin, lecithin and phytosterols. Beta-sitosterol is a phytosterol chemically similar to cholesterol while escin is a mixture of triterpene saponins extracted from Aesculus hippocastanum, the predominant action of which is vasoprotective. In fact, aescin reduces the number and diameter of the small pores of the capillary walls through which the exchange of water normally takes place.

Decoction: The healing properties of Hamamelis decoction were known to Native Americans, who used it to treat wounds. Against sunburn and eye irritation after long exposure to light. Due to the presence in the leaves and in the tannin bark, it is used in herbal medicine for the preparation of fluid extracts and ointments with decongestant, astringent and hemostatic properties. In cosmetics it is used for emollient lotions for dry skin. healing, against sunburn and its ocular decongestant effect. One of the main properties of this plant is its beneficial effect in the protection of the venous walls that make witch hazel-based products excellent against the skin affected by couperose, useful in the treatment of skin spots, in the treatment of acne, in the prevention of damage caused by free radicals and as an emollient in dry skin. It also has antibiotic properties and is used as an aid in erythema, dysmenorrhea etc.

Ethylhexylglycerin:it is used in the cosmetic field as a preservative. The product is particularly active against gram positive bacteria, in particular those responsible for the formation of bad odors and is for this reason widely used in deodorant products. Associated with other preservatives, it broadens and enhances its spectrum of action. It represents a valid alternative to parabens. It is generally used in concentrations between 0.2 and 3%.

Caprylyl Glycol: is a linear diol with 8 carbon atoms. It appears as a white semi-solid compound that melts at about 37 ° C. It is miscible with water and soluble in glycols. It has moisturizing and emollient properties. It performs a good antibacterial action and is used in cosmetic formulations in association with other preservatives to enhance the spectrum of action. The Caprylyl Glycol, thanks to the dual function of moisturizer and preservative, is present in a wide range of formulations that includes moisturizing products, sunscreens, detergents, make-up products, anti-aging treatments. It is generally contained in preservative mixtures, often in combination with phenoxyethanol and other glycols.

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How to use
  • For a correct and effective beauty routine, apply a knob of product on the face and massage gently with circular movements until completely absorbed.
  • Product to be applied on the face morning and evening.
  • Directions for use: Product to be applied on cleansed skin with Rigenera 01, Organic Tonic and serum. Also apply as a post - treatment with dermaroller and for the entire period of the Rigenera Microneedling treatment.