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There is a black sheep in every flock that feels bigger than everyone and everything in life and no one ever asks why ... Because they can feel it inside.

There is a huge task that GENTIC BLISS will help you whisper: Be Yourself! Take this olfactory safety to stand out and achieve your goals when and where you are. GENETIC BLISS is created with 5 CAPTIVES. It is a bespoke fragrance, artistic and somewhat casual but declaring that contains spicy woody notes of Akigalawood and Belambre and creates a lingering comfort thanks to its creamy sandalwood side.

A hyper-modern perfume processing that enhances your true authenticity by increasing your unique body odor, while flirting at the same time with comforting versatile woody notes. What harmonizes and generates admiration vanishes and then reappears, completing the others. You can wear it alone or combine it with other 27 87 perfumes.

Genetic Bliss by 27 87 is a unisex woody fragrance and was launched on the Italian market in September of the 2018. Announced as 'the perfume of self-confidence' and as a hypermodern and assertive fragrance that translates uniqueness through an olfactory work of art, it can be worn alone or in combination with other fragrances from the collection. It is an eau de parfum in 87 ml format.
Contains notes of Akigakawood, Sandalwood, Arboreal Cremesina, Woody Notes and Animal Moss


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