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Inspired by the innovative use of wood for the construction of watchmakers of the 18 century to build the first accurate and reliable marine chronometers, which before the discovery of this raw material were made of metal (easily rusted material), Lignum Vitae celebrates this innovation of that era, combining elements of wood, metal and salt, to produce a unique powerful fragrance.

Combining the unexpected and exotic raw materials, we celebrate the innovative spirit that has led to the search for lost time, and the passage of ships around the world.

Beaufort London

Top notes: black pepper, red berries, madeleine accord, marine note, mandarin, winter lemon, bergamot, juniper, ginger, lime, incense, caramelized note

Heart notes: woody accord of Guaiaco, vetiver, agar

Base notes: sand accord, sea salt accord, amber, incense resin, musk, musk, vanilla

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50 ml


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