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Among the many honors and acknowledgments granted to the legendary perfumers of France, only to Oriza L. Legrand was awarded the title of "Purveyor to the Russian court". Violettes du Czar was an extraordinary fragrance of the royal collection, which helped to increase fame in the countries of Europe, moving noble men and women to such an extent that it became a real best seller. Now, Oriza L. Legrand has brought this fragrance back to life and we are happy to share with you this fragrance just as if it were that of 100 years ago. Much of the distinctive character of the Violettes du Czars comes, not surprisingly, from violets - in particular the violets collected in the south of France. Violettes du Czar wants to express these precious flowers in all their complexity, which open with the energizing clarity of green leaves and the same violet flowers, before the sophisticated and slightly woody sweetness of the nice Nice violets reveals its central complexity in the heart, supported by the iris and the heliotrope. A masculine but clean chord of Russian leather serves as a base note, adding power without sacrificing the sophisticated aroma of French violet. Accents of tolu and amber balm greatly enhance the words used to describe this fragrance. "Violettes du Czar" is a bold fragrance that caters to elegant men and women.

The fragrance contains notes of Violet Leaf, French Violet, Iris, Heliotrope, Tolu Balm, Leather, Amber and Wood of Guaico.


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