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Found and raised in Southern Italy. The selection of mandarin depends on the quality of the fruit, the time of harvest and the extraction process. The different qualities of the essential oil have aroused interest in creating a fragrance that represents this fruit in its entirety. MANDARINO DI SICILIA by PERRIS MONTECARLO. The Mandarin of Sicily has three unique fractions of essential oils; first from the green mandarin, a delicate and volatile oil that becomes heavier in the second transition and the third essential oil rounds off to a yellow mandarin. The fragrance of the fruits is made up of different layers of olfactory notes derived from the flower, known as the petigraina and neroli, to the geranium accords and amber maturity. The sillage will envelop the sunny days with rays of sunlight that radiate in the middle of an orange mandarin field that dances with the aroma of fresh fruit.

Head: green mandarin, bitter orange, yellow mandarin, paraguay Petitgrain Heart: Jasmin, Geranium, Orange Blossom Base: Cedar, Amber, Musk


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