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A bewitching fragrance based on a potion of tobacco, vanilla, rum and cinnamon accord.
A torment for rationality, with its continuous blows of animal leather, a woody note of vanilla in a continuous succession of endless aromatic ups and downs.
The emotions and passions we had buried deep in the soul take over. The fragrance pierces the veil of the unmentionable.
This passionate scent has the power to wrap the wearer in a state of alteration where nothing is too risky because there is nothing left to fear.

Blend Carnal, the Empire of the Senses Driven by the Nose ... For decades, scientists have refused to address the idea that certain fragrances could trigger the release of sex hormones. And then a team of researchers from the University of Bochum in Germany has recently shown that certain fragrances, containing some key compounds, have the power to activate libido-related brain regions. This is the story of Carnal Blends, the Initio collection that is committed to engaging with ingredients that nurture fantasy, carnal notes, committed, powerful and distinctive couplings and celebrates fragrant transgressive compositions with the power to awaken pleasure, to shake the physical attraction. The Carnal Blends collection is composed of 3 fragrances without compromises, both rich in hedione (methyl dihydrojasmonate) - called from the Greek word "hedone", which means pleasure - a floral compound found in the heart notes of jasmine and magnolia and which brings great brightness and light to the fragrance. But it is not all this ... Studies conducted by a German research group have shown that hedione activates a region of the brain responsible for pleasure and increased libido. Our sense of smell, deafened by the assault of so many asexual, correct, chaste and harmless perfumes, and our instincts, repressed by many "you won't see it", will be overwhelmed by these mini-bombs of sensuality that tell our animal so clearly intimate

NOTES: tobacco, rum, vanilla, cinnamon


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