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THE MOMENT WITHIN THE MOMENT: FROM NOW ON In the blink of an eye, creativity invests us, taking control of our lives. Setting ourselves free LIVE IN COLORS is the moment when the present dives into the future. It is a clear bridge in time, in which creativity breaks down the inner barriers that were not able to give it a shape or a sound, and explodes free and joyful, using the voice of colors to tell its story. Like a brush on a canvas, this perfume permeates the skin. In LIVE IN COLORS, the shades are illuminated, play with light and reflect the states of the soul. Without weight like air, they pursue the forms of nature, embrace energies and become free ideas from every judgment. These colors put all their verve free, unaware and, ultimately, unaware of the fact that they are masterpieces. LIVE IN COLORS is the joy of creative freedom. Of thought. Of emotion To be. Full of fun, explosive and infectious: this fragrance opens with a declaration of intent by Limone, Pompelmo and Frutti Rossi that play and follow each other until they reach the heart. Here, the stimulating sensations of Ginger and Pink Pepper make fun of your sense of smell and invite your emotions to float to the surface. The finish deserves to be remembered: notes of amber and musk create the scene of Hinoki, the surprising Japanese wood whose aroma is dry, fresh and sometimes mystical, chosen here to represent a miracle: the moment when a creative verve sees for the first time the light of day.


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